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Finding Non-Academic Jobs for PhDs

Use these 5 opportunities to land your next position if you're looking for PhD jobs outside academia or non-academic jobs for PhDs.

non academic jobs for phds

If you're transitioning from academia to industry, it may be daunting to know where to start your job search. However, don't give up! As a PhD student, you actually have a lot of resources available. It's important to know how to use these effectively so that you can navigate the job market with ease.

Leverage these 5 opportunities to get your next position or to explore career options you didn't think were possible as you're searching for PhD jobs outside academia or non-academic jobs for PhDs.

non academic jobs for phds

Academic Networks

All formal lab environments have extremely well built-up networks. Not only are you typically collaborating with researchers within your own institution, but also others internationally. Whether it be through mutual projects or conferences, you tend to meet a lot of people! You can use this network to contact individuals whose backgrounds and skills allow to broaden your own horizons. For instance, alumni of your program who moved on to either industrial or administrative roles. Set up a coffee chat with them to learn more about what steps you should take next.

Programs & Internships

If you're still part of a formal university setting, it's always a good idea to take advantage of workshops or courses available to students, especially if they're related to the field you want to go into. For instance, doing a one week mini-MBA. Not only are these great experiences to round off your resume, but they also serve a practical purpose as you meet people with similar interests.

Additionally, look for internships in the industry of your choice. A summer internship can do wonders for your career as you diversify your skillset and grow your network. Even if you find the role might not be something you want to do in the future, at least you narrow down your potential interests.


They're not just about research! Take advantage of conferences and grow your network by speaking to organizers, vendors, and delegates from companies. Quite often, these individuals have already transitioned from academia to industry. They could offer valuable advice and even open doors for you at an organization.


If you're a little bit more sure of the career path you want to take, it's always a good idea to join a professional network. These often come with many benefits such as mentoring opportunities, newsletters, and internal job postings.

Social Media

Don't just use social media for reading news. For instance, there's a lot of LinkedIn recruiters who post regularly and specialize in PhD jobs outside academia or non-academic jobs for PhDs. If you're more interested in academic careers, ResearchGate is great for connecting to other individuals in the field.


Thanks for reading and I hope you found this useful as you're applying to science PhD jobs outside academia or non-academic jobs for PhDs.

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