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New Career Action Plan

Are you leaving academia to find that there's no jobs after PhD or science? Here are 3 steps to go from unemployed to hired.

leaving academia no jobs phd

As a new graduate, it can be daunting to apply to new positions. If you're not getting interviews or call-backs from recruiters, it's worthwhile to reassess your job hunting strategy, especially if you're leaving academia.

Here's 3 suggestions to optimize your job search as an academic.

leaving academia no jobs phd

Be more specific

One mistake that people make is having a generic resume that's sent out to multiple employers. Although it's time-consuming to rewrite your resume for every position, consider having multiple resume templates. These could be catered to a specific *subset* of jobs you're applying to. For instance, having Project Management and Analyst resumes. This works well because now you can show off more relevant experiences rather than keeping everything too general. If you're transitioning straight from academia, make sure to properly convert your CV to a resume.

Build a consistent personal brand

Another common problem is not letting your personality shine through in your documents. Consider the company or industry you're applying to and what *cultural fit* is appropriate. This mistake often permeates into professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn. Hiring managers do look at personal statements and your activity on the site, so be sure to make your documents and online profiles consistent in content! Leaving academia? Make sure you're able to explain your personal career path and what you ultimately want out of a new position.

Learn the industry

If you're thinking of going into a particular industry, it's always worthwhile to network with professionals currently working in that sphere. Not only could these connections give advice on the strength and relevance of your application, but they could also open doors to new positions. A good starting point is joining groups on LinkedIn or other professional social media platforms.


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