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Leaving science and research leads to questions such as how do I get a job after a PhD and what's the ideal job according to my experiences and personality. Find which career is for you based on these 7 skills you already have.

phd new career

After being in academia for many years, you may feel that your expertise is limited to your thesis topic. However, this is not the case. Looking at tasks you like to do and mapping these to transferable skills helps launch or at least think about, new career options.

Here are 7 skills that every academic possesses to some extent.

phd new career


Do you like the technical side of labwork such as using equipment, taking measurements/samples, or physically doing experiments? Then you score high on hands-on skills. People in this category prefer to participate and be practical rather than sitting around.

Career options include:

  • Forensics

  • Agriculturalist

  • Clinical lab technician


If you're of the creative type, you gravitate toward expressing yourself in illustrations. Were designing figures your favourite part of writing papers? People in this category tend to have great eye for detail and are naturally talented artistically.

Career options include:

  • Social media content manager

  • Medical illustrator

  • Website designer


A major component of grad school is analyzing data you collect. If you have a natural tendency finding patterns in data, you may fall into this category. Other interests include simply working with numbers and performing statistical hypothesis testing.

Career options include:


If you enjoyed writing grants or proposals in your career, you possess a high-level of administrative skills. This category also applies to you if you're naturally organized. People in this category are wordsmith experts and are great communicators.

Career options include:


If you have this typology, you're a natural leader. You tend to always assume this role in group projects and immediately act to delegate tasks. This also applies If you enjoyed working in collaborations or taking on leadership roles during volunteering.

Career options include:

  • Project management

  • Office manager

  • Event planning


People with entrepreneurial tendencies think outside the box and come up with extremely innovative solutions to existing problems. Has there been a time when you suggested a radically different experimental approach? If so, you may fall into this category.

Career options include:

  • Small business owner

  • Patent law

  • Commercialization officer


Under this typology, people exhibit a high level of soft skills. If you love working with others such as your lab members, you probably score high on demonstrative skills. People in this category are natural storytellers and influencers.

Career options include:


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