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Biggest Consulting Resume Secret

PhD to consulting? Use this 1 trick to refocus your consulting resume and get interviews if you're applying to consulting jobs after grad school.

phd to consulting

If you're currently applying to consulting positions, you may be stuck in a typical cycle - send off an e-mail, wait a month, and then receive an automated rejection. Sound familiar? If this is the case, you're getting dropped during the resume screening process.

What many applicants don't realize is that hiring managers focus on a very particular aspect of your application. Here's 1 thing you could do to improve your chances of landing a consulting gig.

phd to consulting


“Think about how the firm you're applying to could advocate for you on your behalf to a potential client.”

Having a big brand name on your resume is what ultimately decides your fate as a candidate. Why is this so important? Simply put, it impresses potential clients.

Imagine the scenario - you're an associate and the firm is in talks with a client regarding a 9-month project. They're probably going to bill the client $70k a month for you to complete everything. Now, the question on the client's mind is - who exactly is this person and why am I paying so much for them?

This is exactly what the firm is trying to answer during client discussions. When you come from a big brand name, it's far easier to convince the client you're a suitable fit, ultimately leading to the deal proceeding.

In fact, this presents a great backward method to write your application and consulting resume. Think about how the firm you're applying to could advocate for you on your behalf to a potential client. If you can make a compelling argument in about 2 sentences, and this is also clear in your application, you have a strong chance of at least passing the resume screening process.

Is it still possible to get an interview without big brand names? Yes, but it requires you to put more effort into crafting your consulting resume and cover letter so that you get noticed. Remember that big brand names don't necessarily have to be work experiences. If you come from a prestigious university, be sure to make use of it in your application!


Thanks for reading! Curious if your work experiences are enough to get your foot through the door of a consulting firm? Going from PhD to consulting but not sure about next steps? You may be interested in doing a free assessment on The Academic Blueprint's homepage.

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