Cover Letter Industry Critique

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What you get:

  • A professional two-page assessment of your cover letter by our industry consultants. We recommend what changes you need to do and then you incorporate them yourself.
  • Comprehensive analysis of experiences, skills, and formatting to fit the industry of your choice.
  • Final version ready within a week.

Who will benefit from this package:

  • If you never had someone professionally assess your cover letter.
  • If you're sending off job applications but not receiving callbacks for interviews.
  • If you're making a career switch and want to make sure your experiences are framed appropriately.
  • If you feel that your documents need a refresher to stay current with industry standards.
  • If you're having difficulty deciding what is important to include for your documents.

In order to prevent delays, please ensure you have uploaded all necessary information with your order. This includes:

  • Your cover letter.
  • (optional) Any notes relevant to your order. This can include the job industry you're interested in, or anything else you'd like us to know.
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