Hi there.

I just want to say thanks for visiting The Academic Blueprint


When I started TAB, it was to solve a defining problem of graduate school - the prospects of employment.

It's obvious that today's job market is radically different from the one only a decade ago. Permanent academic positions have become so saturated that new graduates are pretty much expected to retrain themselves in a new expertise. What's even worse is that the same institutions promoting their graduate schools turn a blind eye to supporting their students once they get their diploma. 

I don't think academics need to be retrained.


I think there's enough experience in graduate school to get into any career you want. The problem is re-framing those accomplishments.  

That's where TAB came in. We started as a simple resume writing service to help academics bridge that gap. Since that time, I realized we've grown into something much larger - a platform that empowers individuals and helps them find the career they deserve.

Today, I'm delighted to offer you these services. In fact, I'm so confident in our delivery that I offer an unlimited revision policy until you are satisfied. Customers are our priority. It's as simple as that.

Thanks for reading, feel free to follow me on LinkedIn for more.


Roman Korytnikov, Founder